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2019 Economic Impact Survey

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This survey analyses the economic effect of US companies on the Nigerian economy. It measures changes in business revenue, foreign investment, job creation, gross value added and plans for expansion. The American Business Council (ABC) in collaboration with the United States Embassy, Verraki, KPMG and PwC, administered this survey. The data and analysis in this report are based on the responses of over 58 US companies operating in Nigeria who completed the survey.

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• 2019 global GDP growth estimate revised down to by 0.3% to 3%, lowest level since the Global Financial Crisis
Key drivers of 2019 economic performance
• China’s tapering economic growth due to
reduced aggregate demand …

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Nigeria’s tax laws are generally outdated. The Finance Bill, therefore, aims to begin a process to reset the fiscal
framework and position the country for economic growth and competitiveness.

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Nigeria’s Economic Plan is to restore growth, invest in people & build a globally competitive economy. And lift 100m out of poverty in 10yrs. Question is, do you think Nigeria is on track?
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Data has shown a strong correlation between strong intellectual property rights and economic development. Strong IP rights create an enabling environment for the innovation necessary for economic stimulation. Unfortunately, Nigeria is home to one of the weakest intellectual property protection regimes, which hampers growth prospects of our already weak economy. IP violation hinders economic growth by discouraging investment, decreasing innovation, discouraging research and development, diminishing financial benefits from creation, and may pose harm to consumers.
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