US Envoy Lauds Krispy Kreme’s Quality Production Process

United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington, Thursday visited the Victoria Island Store of Krispy Kreme, where he commended the management for the quality production process.

During the visit, which provided opportunity to observe Krispy Kreme’s operations and processes, Ambassador Symington commended the management for the quality of work in the production of doughnuts.

He also expressed satisfaction with the operation process, noting that “what makes this special is the quality of people in it. The process of making the doughnut is great and awesome.”

Ambassador Symington at Krispy Kreme

He added that the American brand was brought into Nigeria because of the need to invest in the country, adding that the brand has provided employment opportunities for Nigerians while creating value through its customer oriented services.

The Chief Executive Officer, American Business Council, Mrs. Margaret Olele, who was also present during the visit, said, “the brand is known all over the world, in terms of its products and here in Nigeria it is obvious they adhere to the global standards with no compromise to food safety.”

Olele also said she was impressed with how Krispy Kreme Nigeria had integrated the local cuisine into the rich heritage of the brand.

Krispy Kreme, a franchise operated by QFA Nigeria Limited, a new fast food business in Nigeria, funded by a consortium of international and African investors to help develop the sector in the country, operates a combination of international and Nigerian brand concepts.

Its stores are currently located in Nigeria at Ikeja City Mall and on Bishop Aboyade Cole, Victoria Island.

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US Envoy Lauds Krispy Kreme’s Quality Production Process

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