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The Business Exchange

Every second Tuesday’s, the hosts will offer sharp insights on how business works with a deep dive into the biggest stories in business and policy. They will also make bold predictions across various sectors of the economy.

This podcast is brought to you by the American Business Council, the voice of American Investors in the Country.                                               

In this episode on Margaret Olele interacts with Zainab Balogun of The New Practice on the new CAMA Act which improves the ease of doing business especially for SMEs and MSMEs as well as how the Act will encourage investors into the domestic market.


Here Maggie interacts with Olusegun Zaccheaus an Associate Director, Strategy and Economics at KPMG Africa on the current state of the Nigerian Economy, Investors sentiment to the Nigerian market, policy changes and expectations from the ABC Economic Update organised by the American Business Council, where the 10 Macro trends that will shape 2021 will be shared to business leaders and policy makers.


Here Maggie interacts with the Country Manager for Nigeria/Cluster lead West Africa for Pfizer, Olayinka Subair on the policies for growth in the Pharmaceutical space, the impact on counterfeits to the economy, support initiatives for frontline intelligence agencies and awareness creation on counterfeit medicines.